Development Levy

The City of Prince Albert applies a city-wide levy of $98,372/ha for new developments on vacant land to cover the costs of a growing city including new roadways, underground sewer systems and parks. Levies are not charged for developments in existing neighborhoods where these services have already been paid for.
The amount of the levy recommended for Prince Albert was determined following a study that reviewed the costs of development, future growth projections and existing levies in other cities. View the Land Development Study.
The information provided on this page is intended as information only. Please see the Development Levy Bylaw for more information.

Development Levy - Development Lands

Please see area outlined in Schedule A.
Roads and Related $28,768/ha
Water Works $19,625/ha
Sanitary Sewer Works $13,570/ha
Drainage Works $19,337/ha
Parks and Recreation $14,047/ha
Neighbourhood Plan Studies $     825/ha
Administrative Services Fee $  2,200/ha
Total $98,372/ha

Development Levy - Limited Service Areas

Please see area outlined in Schedule A.
This will apply in cases where land is assumed to be fully serviceable but, due to unique circumstances and locations, cannot be fully serviced with city services. In these cases, City Council may reduce the Development Levy where full coverage of services cannot be provided due to site limitations. Levies for services including roads and related, water works, sanitary sewer works and drainage works may be reduced or waived entirely according to the relative availability (capacity) of the service items.
Residential Low Density
For zoning district listed as R6-Restricted Residential and R7-Country Residential in the City of Prince Albert Zoning Bylaw No. 1 of 1987 as amended. This rate is calculated on a per lot basis which better reflects the lower density development of the area and the capital cost impact on the City.
All other uses
The development levy for this zone does not include costs for water, sanitary sewer and drainage works since those services are not available in these areas.
Roads and Related $28,768/ha
Parks and Recreation $14,047/ha
Neighborhood Plan Studies $     825/ha
Administrative Services Fee $  2,200/ha
Total $45,840/ha

Developed Area

This area is considered developed and where previous development levy or similar services fees are assumed to have already been applied.
Please see the area outlined in Schedule A.


The Development Levy does not apply to:
  1. Non Profit Housing Agency
    Land owned by a Non-profit Housing Agency for the purposes of building and renting affordable dwelling units.
    • That an agreement between the City and the non-profit agency be registered on title requiring payment of the levy if the land is sold or transferred to an organization or company that is not a non-profit housing agency. <
    • The annual household income is below the Maximum Income Limits or Housing Income Limits calculations most recently released by the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation, whichever is greater.
  2. Affordable Homes
    Residential lots to be developed and sold to build Affordable Homes (as defined in Bylaw 41 of 2011).
    • That an agreement between the City and the developer to be registered on the title of each lot requirement payment of the Development Levy if the land is sold to buyers that do not fit under the definition of Moderate Income. The interest to be registered on title shall be for a period of not less than 5 years and no more than 10 years.
    • That the household income be tested to confirm that it fits within the requirements of Moderate Income by requiring documents such as income tax assessment forms, pay stubs or any other document that will assist in confirming the household income.
Maximum of 1 hectare of land (approx. 8-14 single detached residential lots or 20-24 condo/townhouses) per year to be exempted unless otherwise authorized by City Council.
The Development Levy will be introduced in three phases:
  1. 48,185/ha until August 1, 2012
  2. $84,323.75/ha after August 1, 2012 – August 1 2013.
  3. $98,372/ha after August 1, 2013.


The development levy is to be paid 100% prior to issuance of a Development Permit and in a fashion and timeline deemed appropriate by the City within a Development Levy Agreement.


The Development Levy or factors considered in its calculation can be appealed to the Development Appeal Board and subsequently to the Saskatchewan Municipal Board in accordance with section 176 of the Planning and Development Act, 2007.

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