Flood Risk Regulations

Over the past several years City Planning and Development Services Administration has been working on updating the City of Prince Albert statutory planning documents (Official Community Plan, Zoning Bylaw and Subdivision Bylaw).

Flood risk regulations must be included in these documents as required by the Statement of Provincial Interest (SPI), referenced under The Planning and Development Act, 2007. The Ministry of Government Relations approves the City statutory planning documents, and without its approval, the City cannot update them.

A draft of the flood risk regulations has now been accepted by Community Planning (Government Relations). The Official Community Plan text and maps speak to policies and actions that are acceptable to the Province.

Considering the history of development near the river, and tremendous natural asset of the river, implementing these regulations presents development opportunities and challenges for a number of parties including residents, developers, real estate agencies, insurance companies and mortgage lenders.

On March 2, staff reported to the Executive Committee of City Council with draft Official Community Plan Updates and mapping to address the proposed flood risk. The Province and City will be meeting with affected owners again on May 7, 2015.

Public Meeting - Thursday May 7
The public is invited to attend a second public meeting regarding the 1:500 flood risk area on Thursday, May 7, 2015 from 7-9pm at Riverside Community School (511 5th Avenue East). During the second meeting, residents can expect to learn more about the implications of being located in the flood risk area including details around new LIDAR mapping and examples of specific property data and solutions. 

Thursday May 7 - Meeting Agenda

Frequently Asked Questions #1

Frequently Asked Questions #2 (updated following March Public Meeting)

Flood Plain Mapping
Approximately 2000 homes mainly located in the West Flat, East Flat and Hazeldell neighborhoods are located in the one in five hundred year flood risk area.

1 in 500 Flood Plain Maps
Flood Plain Map - East and West
Flood Plain Parcels - East Side
Flood Plain Parcels - West Side

1 in 100 Flood Plain Maps
Flood Plain Parcels - East Side
Flood Plain Parcels - West Side

Flood Risk Area Policy Language

Proposed Official Community Plan Policies for Flood Risk Areas

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