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Encroachment Permits

Encroachment permits are required whenever a third party encroaches onto City property.  Permits are available through the Public Works Office.  Permits are required to ensure that encroachment is occurring in a safe manner that does not disrupt other City operations.

Permit Holders will be charged a permit fee and if custom work from the City is required they will be responsible for the cost.  These costs include traffic accommodation, bagging meters and any other custom work provided by the City of Prince Albert.

Traffic accommodation costs - $150 Pickup and Delivery Charge plus $5.00 charge per sign or barricade per week

Bagging Meters - $10.00/day per meter plus $20.00 work order charge

Major Encroachment permits - Closure of an alleyway or roadway - $40 charge

Minor Encroachment permits - Use of a roadway parking lane for purposes other than the standing of a vehicle - $20 charge

The complete official policy is available here.

Public Works Department
City of Prince Albert
1084 Central Avenue
Prince Albert, SK
S6V 7P3

Phone:  306.953.4900
Fax:  306.953.4915