Building Permits

A building permit is used to collect information from anyone undertaking a project large or small to ensure that buildings provide both the people living within and those living adjacent to the building with a minimum level of safety and security. A building permit allows a licensed building official to review and verify that the aspects of construction meet the minimum requirements of the National Building Code of Canada.

A building permit is required whenever you are planning on building, renovating, moving or demolishing a building or planning a change of use or an addition to a new or existing building.

Construction, Renovation and Demolition Fire Safety Plan

Commercial Building Permit Application
Click on the link above to print a building permit application.

Residential Building Permit Application
Click on the link above to print a building permit application.

To submit building plans electronically, email them to along with either a completed application form or, if an application form has already been submitted, contact information along with the civic address of the building.

Commercial Building Permit Drawing Requirements

Residential Building Permit Drawing Requirements

Fee Schedule
The costs of all permits are shown on the Fee Schedule page.

Frequently-asked Questions (FAQs)
 This list addresses common questions including when to get a building permit, the timelines that are involved, etc.  

Building Bylaw

Building Permit Statistics and Newsletters
The City of Prince Albert provides building permit statistics on a monthly and quarterly basis as well as a quarterly newsletter.

National Building Code of Canada

The National Building Code of Canada is a federal act adopted by the Province of Saskatchewan through Corrections and administered by individual municipalities. The Province of Saskatchewan has adopted three main Acts that work hand-in-hand with the National Building Code: 

  1. The Building and Accessibility Standards Administration Regulations define the licensing requirements that must be met to be a licensed building official.
  2. The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Regulations set out the rules governing when a building must meet barrier-free (handicap) requirements.
  3. The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act defines the powers and enforcement procedures followed by a building inspector.

It is important to note that in Saskatchewan, the owner of a property is responsible for ensuring that every building on their property meets the standards imposed by the National Building Code of Canada and local building codes.

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