City Clerk's Office

“The Role of the Office of the City Clerk is one of efficient and effective service to: City Council, Administration, Citizens, Community.”

-Mission Statement

The City Clerk administers the City’s legislative process including Elections, Council and Committee meetings, and the maintenance of the public records. The main responsibilities of the Office are as follows:

  • The preparation and distribution of agendas and minutes and the communication of decisions of City Council, Executive Committee, and any other Committees, Commissions and Boards as may be required;
  • Acts as a signing officer for the City, ensuring proper approvals are obtained before affixing the Corporate Seal;
  • The maintenance and safekeeping of the official records of The City;
  • Advice to Council and support services to Councillors in carrying out their roles as members of Council;
  • Conducts Civic/School Boards Elections, acting as the Returning Officer;
  • Acts as the Head pursuant to The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act;
  • Advertises, co-ordinates and maintains the Annual Committee, Commission and Board Appointments;
  • Is a member of the Municipal Wards Commission and provides secretarial and other administrative support services to that Commission;
  • Provides legislative and procedural research and information to Council, City Departments and the public regarding hearings, petitions and provincial statutes relating to municipal government.

Municipal Ward Boundaries

In 1993, the Council of the City of Prince Albert passed Bylaw No. 62 of 1993 to establish that our city would be divided into eight wards for the purpose of electing councillors to represent each ward.

In January of 1994, a Municipal Wards Commission established the ward boundaries which were subsequently reviewed by a Municipal Wards Commission in 2003 and again in 2011. Section 60(b) of The Cities Act provides that ward boundaries shall be reviewed at least once every nine years.

The Act also describes that the Commission shall establish boundaries for the required number of wards so that, as nearly as is reasonably practical, the population is evenly distributed among the wards, within a 10 percent variance.

Ward Map

 The ward map outlines the boundaries of each ward.

Report from Municipal Wards Commission

See the latest report from the Municipal Wards Commission.

Municipal Wards Commission Bylaw

City Clerk's Office
City of Prince Albert
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