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The City of Prince Albert offers a wide range of services to its citizens. Information on these services can be found under the individual departments listed below. If the information you are trying to find is not available on this site, please contact us directly at

Jim Toye - City Manager

Office of the City Manager

City Manager : Jim Toye
Phone : (306) 953-4395
Fax : (306) 953-4396
Email :
More information : City Manager's web page
The City Manager is the administrative head of the City of Prince Albert. The Office of the City Manager keeps City Council informed of the operations and affairs of the City as well as ensuring that the decisions and the policy direction set out by City Council are implemented. The Office of the City Manager oversees the strategic plans and annual budgets for the City of Prince Albert.

Sherry Person - City Clerk

Office of the City Clerk

City Clerk : Sherry Person
Phone : (306) 953-4305
Fax : (306) 953-4313
Email :
More information : City Clerk's Office web page
The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for the safekeeping of the official records of the City of Prince Albert, including the preparation and distribution of agendas and minutes and the communication of decisions of City Council, Committee of the Whole Council and other ad hoc committees as may be required. The City Clerk:
  • is the signing officer for the City, ensuring proper approvals are obtained before affixing the Corporate Seal,
  • conducts civic and school board elections, acting as the Returning Officer,
  • acts as the Head pursuant to the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP),
  • provides legislative and procedural research and information to Council, City Departments and the public regarding hearings, petitions and provincial statutes relating to municipal government.


Office of the City Solicitor

City Solicitor Mitchell J. Holash Q.C.
Phone : (306) 953-4315
Fax : (306) 953-4313
Email :
More information : City Solicitor's web page
The Office of the City Solicitor is committed to providing professional legal services to City Council and Administration in a manner which advocates and protects the interests of the City and its citizens.

Jody Boulet - Community Services

Community Services

Director : Jody Boulet
Phone : (306) 953-4800
Fax : (306) 953-4915
Email :
The Community Services Department manages recreational programs and indoor and outdoor recreational facilities for the City of Prince Albert. Working with communities and organizations in delivering recreation and wellness programs, this department looks after all parks, tracks and trails, and over 40,000 city trees as well as the municipal cemetery. The Community Services Department also looks after 83 facilities and operates, along with community groups and organizations, two aquatic facilities, three artificial ice arenas, two arts facilities, four museums and 11 summertime supervised playgrounds.

Ken Leclaire - Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Director : Ken Leclaire
Phone : (306) 953-4310
Fax : (306) 953-4396
Email :
The Corporate Services Department includes:
  • Human Resources (recruitment and retention of staff)
  • Occupational Health and Safety (employee safety training and programs, Workers Compensation Board, wellness and health programs for employees)
  • Corporate Communications (responsible for the development and management of media and stakeholder communications on behalf of the programs and initiatives of the City of Prince Albert

Cheryl Tkachuk - Financial Services

Financial Services

Director : Cheryl Tkachuk
Phone : (306) 953-4350
Fax : (306) 953-4347
Email :
The Financial Services Department is responsible for all financial activities of the City, including information about property taxes, payment of parking tickets and water bills, Assessment and local improvement levies. It has three divisions:
  1. Assessment and Taxation is responsible for establishing the value of all properties in the city and levying taxes.
  2. Purchasing and Stores is responsible for acquiring the materials, equipment and services required by all City Departments, for disposing of surplus materials and equipment, and for maintaining adequate inventory levels.
  3. Accounting and Payroll is responsible for financial planning, preparing the operating and capital budgets, investing City Reserve Funds, processing all accounting information and managing licenses, parking tickets, property taxes, utility billings, cash collections, accounts receivable, accounts payable and the municipal payroll.
The Financial Services Department includes Information Technology (deployment and maintenance of technology systems for the City of Prince Albert)

Acting Fire Chief Kris Olsen636996826525692679

Fire Department

Acting Fire Chief : Kris Olsen
Phone : (306) 953-4200
Fax : (306) 922-2272
Website :
The Prince Albert Fire Department continues to seek opportunities to serve the public through Fire Prevention, Emergency Operations and excellent customer services. The department is committed to doing its part to make the City of Prince Albert a safe place to live, work and play. The Fire Department responds to fire and emergencies as well as provides fire and safety awareness education in the community.


Planning and Development Services

Director : Craig Guidinger    
Phone : (306) 953-4370
Fax : (306) 953-4380
Email :
Planning and Development Services is responsible for the overall allocation of land, resources and infrastructure in order to provide for the physical, economic and social health of the community. The department provides leadership in creating conditions for a thriving local economy by ensuring that environment, economic and social concerns are integrated into strategic planning objectives.

Police Services

Chief of Police : Jonathan Bergen
Phone : (306) 953-4240
Fax : (306) 953-4239
Email :
Website :
The Prince Albert Police Service is dedicated to community safety and committed to reducing crime. The diverse group of men and women within the Prince Albert Police Service work diligently to make Prince Albert a safe place to live, work and do business. The Chief of Police is responsible for the Prince Albert Police Service, and the Chief reports directly to the Prince Albert Board of Police Commissioners.

Public Works

Director : Wes Hicks
Phone : (306) 953-4900
Fax : (306) 953-4915
Email :
The Public Works Department is responsible for the City landfill, sewage treatment plant, water treatment plant, parking meters, garbage pickup, airport, transit, roadways, sidewalks, underground infrastructure (all pipes) and traffic. This department also manages all of the City's fleet equipment, ensuring that it is repaired and maintained, including police and fire vehicles.

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