Selection Process and Criteria

Once a competition closes, the applications are reviewed and candidates are selected for an interview based on a combination of the following:

  • education
  • training
  • experience
  • ability necessary to fulfill job requirements
  • seniority (as applicable).

Candidates selected for an interview are, in most instances, contacted by telephone. They are advised of:

  • the date, time, duration and location of the interview
  • the interview panel, which usually consists of the Human Resource Consultant plus a representative from the department requiring the position.

The general structure of the interview includes:

  • a description of the job
  • questions to determine education and work experience
  • questions to determine skills and abilities relating to the position
  • general information such as salary, start date and availability
  • an opportunity for the candidate to ask questions about the position and information regarding when and how the candidate will receive the results of the interview (offers are usually made by telephone).

The employment decision is based on a combination of seniority, education, related work experience, suitability, the interview and references. The successful candidate is contacted by the Human Resource Department. An offer of employment is made outlining the conditions of employment. The start date is confirmed, as well as the location and time to report for work.

An offer letter is sent by the Human Resource Department, with the information that was discussed on the telephone.

Applicants who have not been contacted within four weeks after the competition closes should assume they are not being considered for the position.

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