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Prince Albert Regional Economic Development Alliance Presented with Reconciliation and Partnership Award

By Communications on 5/8/2019

The work of the Prince Albert Regional Economic Development Alliance (PREDA) was recognized last week in the 2019 Affinity Credit Union Reconciliation and Partnership Awards. The Awards were handed out at the 2019 Intersections for Growth Conference in Regina. The Partnership Award recognizes the collaborative efforts of First Nation and municipal government on reconciliation efforts and economic development.

The PREDA was officially formed on March 8, 2019 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between six partners: The City of Prince Albert, The RM of Prince Albert, the RM of Buckland, the Town of Shellbrook, Muskoday First Nation and Peter Ballantyne Developments, LP.

“Partnerships with our neighbouring communities is the best way to do Economic Development. When we work together we establish strong lines of communication and build solid relationships that lead to mutual success,” said Mayor Greg Dionne. “A City is not always in a position to provide parcels large enough to accommodate all business needs. Sometimes the best option is what our neighbours can provide. I’m looking forward to the hiring of our new CEO in the near future and taking on some of our first projects as an Alliance.”

The formal partnership of the Alliance followed months of discussion, deliberation and consultation. Partners worked to find common ground and develop a framework that would help to advance a mutually-beneficial, cooperative economic development approach within the region.

The Awards are presented by the Saskatchewan First Nations Economic Development Network and the Saskatchewan Economic Development Association.



•                     Laurie Smith, Talent Development Manager, Affinity Credit Union(presenting award)

•                     Mel Merasty, Peter Ballantyne Group of Companies

•                     Heather Greier, City of Prince Albert

•                     Reeve Don Fyrk, RM of Buckland

•                     Acting Reeve Richard Wilson RM of Prince Albert

•                     Administrator Roxanne Roy, RM of Prince Albert

•                     Jason Kaptein, Prince Albert District Planning Commission

•                     Administrator Tara Kerber, RM of Buckland

•                     Mayor George Tomporowski, Town of Shellbrook



For media inquiries, please contact:

Award Sponsors

·         SEDA CEO Verona Thibault at 306-381-3900

·         SFNEDN Director Heather Exner-Pirot 306-361-0292

·         Affinity Credit Union Courtney Tait 306-934-4000


PREDA Partners:



Mayor Greg Dionne
City of Prince Albert
(306) 953-4300


Acting Reeve Richard Wilson
R.M. Prince Albert
(306) 763-2469

Reeve Don Fyrk
R.M. Buckland
(306) 922-9174



Mayor George Tomporowski
Town of Shellbrook
(306) 747-4900


Chief Herman Crain
Muskoday First Nation
(306) 764-1282


Chief Peter A. Beatty
Peter Ballantyne Developments LP
(306) 764-4410



Corporate Communications
City of Prince Albert
1084 Central Avenue
Prince Albert, SK
S6V 7P3