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National Energy Code to be Implemented January 1, 2019

By Communications on 11/19/2018

City encouraging builders and anyone considering building to review the new regulations

The National Energy Code will be implemented in Saskatchewan starting January 1, 2019. Building suppliers, contractors and anyone looking to build in Prince Albert after this date, should become familiar with the new regulations which set out new minimum requirements for buildings.

 “The code will change the way we build and will affect several aspects of construction,” said Kim Johnson, Chief Building Official for the City of Prince Albert. “There will be new minimum standards for many things, including windows, doors, insulation, lighting and even some appliances.”

 Builders should also take note that what is acceptable in Saskatoon or Estevan will not necessarily be acceptable in Prince Albert. “The code is based on climate zones which can differ from City to City,” said Johnson. “We are advising all potential builders to take the time to become familiar with the new regulations.”

 The City is encouraging those considering building in the New Year to contact qualified design professionals to assist with the process and to view the documentation and information on the City’s website at Please note that information shared by the Department is to raise awareness of the new code regulations and the need to become familiar with new minimum standards. The city will not be providing training on the new code regulations.


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