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Mayor Greg Dionne Announces First Husky Energy Community Enhancement Project

By Communications on 11/5/2018

Mayor Greg Dionne would like to announce that Husky Energy and the City of Prince Albert have formed a three year partnership for community enhancement projects in the city. Today, Mayor Greg Dionne was in attendance at the Rotary Club meeting to express thanks to the Club for their work on the Rotary Trail and to make the first announcement.

“The City, and its new community partner, Husky Energy, are pleased to announce the donation of $350,000 to finish the Rotary Trail in the West end of the City,” said Mayor Greg Dionne. “On behalf of myself, City Council and the citizens of Prince Albert, I would like to thank the Rotary Club for its long dedication to completing the Rotary Trail and getting this project done. The trail will be one of the biggest legacies of the Rotary Club in Prince Albert.”

The Rotary Trail was chosen as one of the first projects because of the role it played during the water crisis in 2016. A temporary water line was installed to pipe water from highway 302 east along the Rotary Trail to the Water Treatment Plant and similarly along the Rotary Trail from the west side of the City from the retention ponds.

“On behalf of the Rotary Trail Committee I would like to thank Mayor Greg Dionne, City Council and Husky Energy for this generous donation that will bring our vision to completion. We would not be here today without the support of the City, our donors and the efforts of Mayor Dionne who pushed forward with the agenda of completing the trail,” said Dave Fischl, Rotary Trail Committee Chair. “Fifteen years ago we saw the vision of trail that went around the City. As the final chapter of this project comes to a close, I can see that the best things are worth waiting for.”

“I also need to express my thanks to the Rotary Club. They supported this project right from the beginning,” added Fischl. “After fifteen years we can take a deep breath and say ‘wow!’”.

The Rotary Trail links Prince Albert’s parks system. When complete, the trail will run approximately 23 kilometers around the perimeter the City. The trail features a ten-foot wide asphalt pathway which is accessible to all types of users such as cyclists, inline skaters, wheelchair users, walkers, seniors, skateboarders and joggers. The Trail is bi-directional and enhances recreational opportunities for all residents.



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