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Unidirectional Hydraulic Flushing of Zone 1 Completed

By cityhr on 8/2/2018

The City of Prince Albert completed the Unidirectional Hydraulic Flushing Program for Zone 1 on Wednesday, August 1, 2018. The work which began July 16th involved the flushing of watermains to ensure the long term maintenance and longevity of the City’s water system.

Hydraulic Flushing (also known as Watermain Flushing) is the process used to clean watermains. Water system valves are turned off to isolate a section of the watermain and water is then flushed through in one direction at a high speed to produce a scouring action that removes built-up sediment in the water main. The City cleans watermains to improve water quality by removing sediment.

The City thanks residents for their patience and cooperation during this process.

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