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Hydraulic Flushing in Zone 1 to Begin Next Week

By Communications on 7/11/2018

The City of Prince Albert would like residents in Zone 1 (properties located north of 19th Street made up of approximately the East and West Flats, Downtown and Midtown) to take note that hydraulic flushing will be done again this year starting Monday July 16, 2018. The work is scheduled to occur from 7am-7pm, Monday through Saturday over the next 3-4 weeks. 

During flushing, it is recommended that residents avoid using water if possible to avoid drawing sediment into water lines. Signs will be put up the day before flushing begins in an area. Many properties will experience no disruption to their water service but in some cases there may be a drop in water pressure or discoloured water. In the case of discoloured water, property owners can flush their lines by running water for five minutes.

Updates on the properties in progress and recently completed will be posted on the City’s website at Here, residents will also find details on the process and a list of Frequently Asked Questions that addresses issues that may arise during the process.

“At all times water will remain safe to consume,” said Mohammad Kraishan, Operations Manager for the City of Prince Albert. “We want people to be aware that this work will be occurring so they are not alarmed if they experience any temporary water disruptions.”

Hydraulic flushing is a process that uses water to scour waterlines to remove sediment and build-up that accumulates in the pipes over time. The entire City was completed last year.



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