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Mayor’s State of the City Address Focuses On Ongoing Record Investments

By Communications on 1/26/2017

New Revenue streams, cutting expenses help to keep tax increases at modest levels

This is Mayor Greg Dionne’s fifth state of the City address and this year the emerging themes remain record investments in the City’s infrastructure and community assets while keeping tax increases at modest levels.

“We keep building and investing in the City but we are doing it by finding new revenue streams and cutting expenses,” said Mayor Greg Dionne. “2016 was a record year for investment and in 2017 there are a number of new projects to look forward to.”

In his speech Mayor Dionne highlighted the following 2016 investments:

·         4 million dollar paving program - 54 blocks, for a total of 261 blocks over four years. This amount is 13.7% of the City’s roadways

·         $3 million in repairs to the Diefenbaker Bridge

·         $1.4 million to install a new water trunk main in the West Hill. This was completed to allow future expansion and development around the West Hill from 4th Avenue West all the way to the Alfred Jenkins Field House.

·         $250,000 dollars to restore Kinsmen Park which included two new washrooms, starting on the restoration of the pathways, upgrades to the playground, and the Central Plaza.


In 2017, the following projects were highlighted:

·         $1 million dollars for the replacement of the main pool at Kinsmen Water Park which is funded by the reserve that was created for civic facilities.

·         $4 million again for the Paving Program

·         $2.4 million for the Marquis Road and 2nd Avenue Reservoir Upgrades

·         $1.7 million to finish our sewage pumping stations

·         $1.1 million and the Marquis Road West and 38th Street expansion

·         $430,000 for the Art Hauser Centre South Parking Lot

·         $250,000 more for Kinsmen Park through the Canada 150 grant to complete to park pathways

·         $24 million, pending approval from the Federal and Provincial Government, to build two new water reservoirs.  The federal share is $10 million, the Provincial Share is $7 million and the City’s share is 7 million.  This is to bring our capacity up to 64 million litres which will allow approximately seven days of water storage.

This record investment has been achieved with a modest 1.5% increase in property taxes for the year and a 2% increase in utilities. To keep costs down, Mayor Dionne pointed to a 1% decrease in payroll from every department as well as efforts to target expenses through bulk purchases with partners to help with the City’s purchasing power. Mayor Dionne also pointed to new revenues streams including over $1 million to-date through sponsorships, the reserve for facilities and successful grant applications to senior levels of government.



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