Bylaws are the laws of a municipality that are set to govern the internal affairs and management of the organization. Civic Bylaws serve to protect the well-being of citizens by keeping the City clean, healthy and safe. Bylaws are created, interpreted and administered by a number of City departments and divisions. The City Clerk’s office retains the original version of each Bylaw and will provide a hard copy upon request.

If a bylaw has been amended, the bylaw and its amendments have been combined into one document called a Consolidated Copy. Consolidated copies of the Bylaws are not Official Copies of the Bylaws but are provided solely for research convenience; they cannot be guaranteed for accuracy. Official Bylaws and their related amendments are available from the City Clerk’s Office and must be consulted for the purposes of interpretation and application of the law.

The City's bylaws are listed here. If you cannot locate a Bylaw you are looking for, please contact the City Clerk’s Office.

Learn more about bylaw enforcement in the City of Prince Albert. See the Prince Albert Police website for a list of frequently asked questions regarding bylaws. See the bylaw responsibilities page for a list of common bylaws and the responsibilities associated. 

You can sort by the bylaw name, the bylaw number or the year in which the bylaw was passed by clicking on the appropriate column title.


Bylaw Name      Sorted By Bylaw Name       In Ascending OrderBylaw Number   Year Bylaw PassedDivision
Airport Bylaw111996Public Works
Bicycle Bylaw202001Transportation
Building Bylaw12018Planning and Development
Business License Bylaw22014Economic Development
Cannabis Business License Bylaw252018Planning and Development
Cemetery Bylaw172016Community Services
City Administration Bylaw422003Administration
Clean Sidewalk Bylaw91992Public Safety
Code of Ethics Bylaw32017Administration
Connections Bylaw121995Public Works
Crossing Bylaw 82019Public Works
Dangerous Animals Bylaw182003Public Safety
Dangerous Weapons Bylaw62019Public Safety
Development Levy Bylaw412011Financial Services
Downtown Business Improvement District42005Administration
Downtown Business Improvement District Levy Bylaw202018Financial Services
Dust Suppression Bylaw142019Public Works
Election Bylaw162016Administration
Emergency Planning Bylaw342009Public Safety
Emergency Water Conservation Bylaw282016Water Services
Establishment of Wards Bylaw621993Administration
False Alarm Bylaw392004Public Safety
Fighting Bylaw62007Public Safety
Financial Services Fees and Charges Bylaw52006Financial Services
Fire and Emergency Services Bylaw222008Public Safety
Fixed Valuation of Farmland Properties Bylaw352017Assessment
Fortification Bylaw412004Public Safety
Investment Policy Bylaw262015Financial Services
John M Cuelenaere Public Library Bylaw102018Administration
Local Improvements Bylaw432015Public Works
Long Term Debt Bylaw272017Financial Services
Long-Term Debt Bylaw 492008Financial Services
Mill Rate Factors Bylaw112019Financial Services
Municipal Heritage Property Bylaw - 94 - 15th Street East152001Community Services
Municipal Heritage Property Bylaw - Cooke Municipal Golf Course142009Community Services
Municipal Heritage Property Bylaw - Court House171983Community Services
Municipal Heritage Property Bylaw - Diefenbaker House162014Community Services
Municipal Heritage Property Bylaw - Heritage Museum and Arts Centre571981Community Services
Municipal Heritage Property Bylaw - Holmes Residence212006Community Services
Municipal Heritage Property Bylaw - Keyhole Castle212012Community Services
Municipal Heritage Property Bylaw - Land Titles Office361986Community Services
Municipal Heritage Property Bylaw - McDonald Residence101998Community Services
Municipal Heritage Property Bylaw - Octagonal Building151983Community Services
Municipal Wards Commission Bylaw42019Administration
Noise Bylaw12016Public Safety
Number of Alderman Bylaw211908Administration
Obstructive Solicitation Bylaw 82007Public Safety
Official Community Plan Bylaw212015Planning and Development
Penalties (General) Bylaw401988Administration
Portable Sign Bylaw192018Economic Development
Preparation of Assessment Notices Bylaw42003Financial Services
Prince Albert Board of Police Commissioners Bylaw212014Administration
Prince Albert District Official Community Plan Bylaw182018Planning and Development
Procedure Bylaw262014Administration
Prohibition of Motor Vehicles in Public Places Bylaw112007Public Safety
Property Amenities Bylaw182016Administration
Property Maintenance Appeal Board Bylaw32015Public Safety
Property Maintenance Bylaw102017Administration
Property Tax Bylaw102019Taxation
Property Tax Incentives and Penalties Bylaw132012Taxation
Property Tax Installment Payment Bylaw22011Taxation
Public Notice Bylaw242015Administration
Records Retention and Disposal Bylaw22003Administration
Recreation Facilities and Parks Bylaw132018Community Services
Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw262018Public Safety
Safety Lights on School Buses Bylaw541983Public Safety
Sanitary Sewer Bylaw482015Water Services
Short-term Borrowing Bylaw242016Financial Services
Smoking in Public Places Bylaw282018Public Safety
Spitting, Urination and Defecation Prohibition Bylaw72007Public Safety
Storm Sewer Bylaw111995Public Works
Subdivision of Land Bylaw371960Planning and Development
Taxicab Bylaw292002Public Safety
Tethering-out of Certain Animals Bylaw191935Public Safety
Traffic Bylaw12013Transportation
Waste Collection and Disposal Bylaw82018Public Works
Water and Sewer Utility Rates and Fees Bylaw392018Water Services
Water Services Bylaw372017Water Services
Zoning Bylaw12019Planning and Development

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