Council Appointments to External Committees

North Central Saskatchewan Waste Management Corporation

Committee Members:

  • CouncillorĀ C. MillerĀ (Mbr of Council)
  • Councillor D. Cody (Mbr of Council)


The City of Prince Albert is the largest member of the corporation, which owns a Material Recovery Facility at 460 - 40th Street East. The Membership is made up of area municipalities. Each member appoints a representative, and the board is elected from these appointees.

The business is focused on recycling cardboard and paper in line with development of a regional waste management system and diversion of waste from the Prince Albert landfill and the landfills operated by other member municipalities.

Expansion into recycling other waste streams is seen as a future role for the corporation, but hinges on development of supportive senior government policies.

Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association Board of Directors (4 year term)

Committee Members:

  • Councillor D. Cody (Mbr of Council)
    Councillor T. Zurakowski (Alternate-Mbr of Council)


As the representative of the city participates in all board/committee meetings and on occasion represents SUMA at the request of the President and sits on task forces and special committees and reports periodically to his/her council on the business and work of SUMA.

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