Transportation Planning

Traffic Light & Crosswalk Map
Map showing the location of crosswalks and pedestrian crossings

Traffic Line Painting Map

Map showing painted traffic lines

Traffic Speed Map (Speed Counts)

Map showing measured speeds on major roadways from 2014 - 2017.

Traffic Volumes

  This map shows the results of a traffic count from 2014 - 2017.

Transportation Master Plan (2017)

The Transportation Master Plan is a review of all aspects of current and future traffic flow within the City. It is partly an operational study and partly a travel modelling/forecasting study covering collector and arterial roadways. The intent is to identify current and future capacity deficiencies and develop ways of improving capacity and traffic flows. The study considered three planning horizons; 5 year (short-term), 10 year (medium-term) and 20 year (long-term). A 0.8% growth rate in City population and traffic was used over the planning horizons.

Stantec Final Bridge Report - Jan 2013

The Final Bridge Report was commissioned by a steering committee comprised of the City of Prince Albert, Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, the Rural Municipalities of Buckland and Prince Albert. The Final Bridge report was received by the steering committee in January 2013. It assesses the need and benefits of an additional river crossing in Prince Albert.

The Executive Summary provides an overview of the report.

Arterial and Collector Road Map (PDF)
This map identifies both existing and future arterial and collector streets in the city.

Transportation - Products and People

Airport Master Plan (2009)

 Active expansion of energy, resources and commodity markets has resulted in rapid economic growth in the Province of Saskatchewan. Significant numbers of passengers have been utilizing the Prince Albert Municipal Airport in recent years, primarily destined for mining operations and communities in Saskatchewan's north and near north. The Master Plan provides guidance for airport development. The Plan's objective is to ensure that adequate infrastructure and services are available to support current and future commercial air services and private aviation activities at the Airport and within the community.

Visit the airport's website.

Transit Service

Rail and Trucking

Dangerous Goods Route

Streets, Traffic and Sidewalks

Find information regarding vehicle and pedestrian movement in the City of Prince Albert.

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