Green Industrial Park

(Click on the map above for a closer view of the Green Industrial Park.)

The Green Industrial site is a 28-acre site located next to the airport and adjacent to Highway 55. Some of the benefits of this park include:

  • Cost savings and new revenues, shared services, reduced regulatory burden and increased competitiveness.
  • The community enjoys a cleaner, healthier environment, business and job development, an attraction for recruitment and an end to conflict between the economy and the environment. 
  • Government receives increased tax revenues, reduced enforcement burden, reduced costs of environmental and health damage and reduced demand on municipal infrastructure
  • For the environment, there is reduced demand on finite resources , decreased local and global pollution, increased use of renewable energy and materials and an overall renewal of natural systems.     

The City of Prince Albert has the opportunity to become a national leader in attracting industry for the production, processing and marketing of high value “green energy” products.  A feasibility study indicated that Prince Albert is ideally situated and has the necessary resources and people to develop a Green Industrial Park.  Many types of industry may be interested in locating in this park, including developers of:

Biomass - plant and animal material, especially agricultural waste products, used as a source of fuel.
Biofuels - liquid fuels derived from vegetation
Bioethanol - an alcohol from fermenting sugar components of plants 


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