Economic Development

Photo courtesy of Gerald MurphyThe City of Prince Albert is located in the geographical centre of Saskatchewan. Though the City has a population of 44,437, it has a north central market area of over 140,000. Included in this market area are the City of Melfort, Northern Saskatchewan, Flin Flon and the Pas.

City Council and Senior Administration also completed a strategic planning session for economic development within the City. The final report identifies five focus areas that will form part of the work plans for City administration.  They are:

  1. Creation of Plans for Growth
  2. Regionalization and Partnerships with RMs
  3. Branding and Marketing Prince Albert (and region)
  4. Identify and Foster Champions and get buy-in from the community
  5. Identify Key Incentive Programs and Strategies

For more information on the economic development initiatives currently being undertaken by the City of Prince Albert and the region, please contact the Planning and Development office at (306) 953-4370.

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