Other Required Forms

Following are several items that are required on business applications.

Obtain a Provincial Sales Tax (PST) NumberAll businesses in Saskatchewan are required to register with Saskatchewan Finance. If your business does not collect PST, you will be required to apply for a consumer permit. The same application form is to be completed in both situations.
Register a Business NameIn order to do business in Saskatchewan, a business must be registered with the Corporate Registry, Information Services Corporation.
Obtain a Goods and Services Tax (GST) NumberNot all businesses require a business number or CRA program account, so it is important to read the section "Do You Need A Program Account?" before requesting a business number.
Apply for a Building PermitBuilding permits are required in situations where structural changes will be made to a building such as renovations, additions or demolitions or where there will be a change in the use of the building.
Apply for a Development PermitDevelopment Permits are issued by the City of Prince Albert and are required for the construction of a new building, an addition to an existing building or a change of use of a commercial building or site.

See the BizPaL page to identify other permits that may be required for your business.

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