Business License Application and Renewal Forms

Prince Albert Region Inter-Municipal Business License

The City of Prince Albert has entered into an Inter-Municipal Business License Agreement between our municipality and The Town of Duck Lake, The Town of Rosthern, and The Town of Shellbrook.  The agreement is a for a 2 year pilot project with the intent to reduce the amount of regulations for businesses that want to work in more than one municipality in the area.

Under the pilot project, a business with an annual business license in one of the participating communities would have the option to purchase an Inter-Municipal Business License (IMBL), for an annual fee of $250, which would give them the ability to legally operate in each of the participating municipalities.

Contractors, real estate agents, appraisers, direct sellers, beauty/ aesthetics, DJs, event planners/promoters, consultants, caterers, massage therapists, photographers, pest control, drafting and design, graphic designers, moving and storage, surveyors, and tow truck operators are all industries that are eligible to upgrade to the IMBL license.

There is a check box on each of the Commercial, Home-Based, and Transient Trader Business License Applications to select that you would like to purchase the 2017 IMBL.  If you already have a business license application on file with the City of Prince Albert, you can also choose to fill out the IMBL Short Form Application.

Direct Seller
A direct seller means a person who is licensed with the Province under the Direct Sellers Act and who:

(i) goes from house to house selling or offering for sale or soliciting orders for the future delivery of goods or service;
(ii) by telephone offers for sale or solicits orders for the future delivery of goods or services; or
(iii) does both of the things mentioned in sub clauses (i) and (ii) or;
(iv) does not have business premises, including a home based business, in the City of Prince Albert.

Please note that individuals selling products as consultants or through product parties are considered a business and are required to have either a direct seller license or a home-based license.

Commercial License
This form is required for any business located in a Commercial or Industrial Zone.  This is the most common form for potential new businesses.  (See the zoning map - located on the Zoning Page - which indicates the zoned land use areas in the city.)

Daycare Business License Application
This form is for a business that operates a day care home, which is a building in which non-parental residential care and supervision of less than 4 children is carried out at the request of a parent or guardian, or a day care centre, which is a building that provides child care services but does not include a Day Care Home

Home Occupation License
This form is for potential home-based businesses only.  Possible applicants include aesthetic companies, consulting businesses, etc.  The difference between this form and the application for commercial business licenses is that home-based businesses must adhere to a number of regulations in addition to those of a commercial business.  Those regulations are outlined on the application.


Please note that individuals selling products as consultants or through product parties are considered a business and are required to have either a direct seller license or a home-based license.

Mobile Food Vendors License

This license is intended for individuals who sell confectionery items, coffee, lunches, snacks, ice cream or other similar products from a mobile vehicle, mobile structure or food cart.

See the related Mobile Food Vendor Policy.

Transient License
This license is mandatory for all businesses that are located outside of Prince Albert and which do business within City limits.  Also included are other businesses that do not fit into the home-based business or commercial business descriptions.  Fruit sellers and direct sellers are examples of businesses that would fall under this category.

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