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Business Licenses are required to provide a level of regulation for businesses within the City. They are used as a tool for the City to ensure compliance with land-use and building regulations, to gather land-use information and to facilitate planning decisions.

Generally,the basic purposes of licensing businesses and business activities are:

      • Regulate businesses;
      • To ensure the protection of consumers and business;
      • To ensure compliance with land-use and building regulations;
      • To gather land-use information;
      • To facilitate planning decisions; and
      • To differentiate between businesses operating in a commercial/industrial area, businesses operating out of premises located within the City (General Licensing) and those located outside the City of Prince Albert’s corporate limits (Specific Licensing).

Who needs a business license?

All businesses operating in the City of Prince Albert require a business license with the exception of:

  • Businesses operating within the limits of the exhibition grounds of the City during the annual exhibition;
  • Community clubs, which hold an operating agreement with the City, carrying on the business of a flea market;
  • Activities carried on by the City at a location operated by an official or employee of the City acting on behalf of the City in his capacity as such official or employee;
  • Activities which Council has by resolution exempted from the requirements of the Business License Bylaw;
  • Activities undertaken by a charity;
  • Activities which are exempt from municipal licensing by any statute of the Government of Canada or the Province of Saskatchewan.

For more details on the City of Prince Albert's business license regulations, please see the Business License Bylaw.

People who are starting a new business may want to visit Enterprise Saskatchewan's Starting a Business in Saskatchewan web page.

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